2 Marketing Strategies Every Startup or Small Business Should Try

When it comes to the world of starting your own business, there is no shortage of challenges that a person can face. This particular kind of challenge is something that isn’t necessarily for everyone. The long hours, hard work, and of course the risk of failure associated with creating something successful all take a special kind of person to love and do well. Those who connect with this kind of lifestyle, really can’t imagine another more fulfilling line of work. 

One of the most important aspects of starting a small business is getting out in front of the target audience that you need to get in front of. Knowing how to reach your target market helps you connect with the audience which will help push your dreams into reality and make your business a long-term success. While this is a crucial aspect of creating a successful business, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be something that intimidates or scares you. 

So, if you are a small business owner and you have been wondering how you can beef up your marketing and reach the target audiences you need to reach – here are 2 strategies you should look into! 

1. OOH Media

In all reality, it can be hard to keep up with the world of marketing and advertising. These fields of business have always benefited from being on the cutting edge of technology and communication, and there are always going to be new and improved ways of reaching people. As technology progresses so do the methods that people expect to be communicated in – however, this doesn’t mean that traditional forms of marketing don’t have a place. 

In fact, while things like social media marketing, and viral marketing are powerful tools, traditional forms of marketing are still incredibly effective at reaching target audiences. One form of traditional marketing that has stood the test of time and is one of the oldest forms of marketing – is OOH media or out-of-home media. 

This kind of marketing is most readily recognizable in the form of the classic billboard. OOH, media allows businesses to target large audiences in geographically specific areas. This can be widely beneficial if you are setting up Tulsa billboards or billboards in Dallas. The reason is that this form of marketing represents a cost-effective method of reaching a massive amount of people. 

One billboard, strategically placed, can garner literally millions of interactions through the course of its marketing campaign. The drawback to this form of advertisement is that it does struggle to specifically hone in on particular target demographics. This can be overlooked by the fact that the cost-effective nature of the marketing can outweigh this one weakness. Yes, you may not be exactly able to hone in on one specific demographic, but the fact that a Tulsa billboard can garner an average of over 300,000 impressions per four-week campaign can more than makeup for it. 

Another advantage of OOH media is that there are several forms. While the billboard may be the most recognizable, there are options that range from taxi cab signs to gas pump advertisements. This can help bring a little variability into how you market, as you can hone in on more specific audiences depending on which kind of OOH media you utilize gimnow

2. Email Marketing

Yes, yes, yes, email may already feel like nothing but a chore and something that should have gone the way of the dinosaur long ago – but the truth is, it’s an effective form of marketing. The aspect of advertising that email marketing has is personableness. When a person signs up for an email list, yes, it can be associated with a certain level of negativity or ‘spam’ email. However, most people who sign up for an email list with a brand they enjoy do so because it’s a great way of receiving important information they care about. 

Flash sales, insider information on upcoming events, and a general sense of exclusivity can be shared and experienced through email marketing. For the consumer that is serious about your product or finds out more about your business, an email marketing strategy still provides one of the most streamlined forms of marketing available timechi.

With the ability to give the customer exactly what they want in a method that is still considered to be convenient – even if dated, email marketing is a great strategy to consider. 


Both OOH media and email marketing bring very different advantages and opportunities to the table. One method is great at reaching a large audience and amassing incredible amounts of interactions with potential customers – while another caters to the customer who has already invested in the brand. 

While both methods are considered to be traditional at this point, they are still powerhouses when it comes to results and should be seriously considered by any brand apps session.