4 Top Skills Employers Expect from UX Designers

UX and UI designing is one of the most trending and influential jobs in the market today. As the World Wide Web continues to grow, so does the need for experts who can create high-quality interfaces. However, certain skills are expected out of UX designers, and the more skills they possess, the higher the UX design salary will be. So, what are these skills, and why are they so important? Keep reading to find out.

When you open a website or app, you first see the layout and design of the pages. That’s the interface you experience and interact with. The process of designing this page is what the profession calls for. It requires deep technical knowledge of UX software and a knack for understanding a company’s vision which they can bring to life through their work.

Here are the top skills a UX designer should possess to earn a good UX design salary.

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#1 Wireframing and Prototyping

One of the first and most essential skills that a designer, no matter how experienced they are, should possess is wireframing and prototyping. Wireframing is essentially a layout created sans visual designs to check the elements necessary for the user to see at first glance.

Before an app or website is created, the UX designer must develop a prototype that can be tested to check its functionality and responsiveness. The designer must be familiar with all the right tools that allow them to create very specific and detailed prototypes. It helps the designer find mistakes that can then be rectified.

#2 Well Adept at UX Software

Second, they should be experts at using UX software that will help them create website/app mockups and prototypes. Along with software knowledge, they should be aware and skilled in the industry’s best practices, and the more proficient they’ll be at designing. There are plenty available today, and each serves a different purpose. From Illustrator and Photoshop to Figma, the more the designer knows design software, the more UX design salary they’ll fetch.

#3 App Development

Application development is an added skill that can help UX designers get jobs at well-paying enterprises. If they know about coding languages such as HTML, Javascript, and so on, they can create designs according to how the app is being developed. They’ll have more clarity during the process and work more efficiently with the development team.

Moreover, if you know both, you’re offered a job that combines two skills simultaneously. That way, you can expect a better UX design salary.

#4 Project Management

There are project management systems that help keep every organisation’s projects in check. Most companies today use proper management systems like Agile. As a UX designer, you must be aware of such software because it helps plan future projects.

Any profession requires you to upskill yourself to add value to the organisation. So, if you are looking for UX designer jobs, you can expect your employers to look for the following skills. Remember, today’s market allows you to be more versatile and dynamic even when specialising in a particular profession. So, learn about how you can upskill yourself not only as a UX designer but as a working professional. If you do so, you can expect great things in your career.