Factors to Consider When Hiring Speakers for Your Next Event

Speeches can be either the most rousing or mind-numbing parts of any event. Sometimes, you hang on to every last word a person says, wishing they wouldn’t close their mouths. At other times, you might be controlling the irresistible urge to throw rotten tomatoes or beg them to stop. You’ll know the feeling if you’ve heard a sermon at church, a toast at a wedding, or a valedictorian address at high school. Just as important as the speech is the speechmaker. You can hire a  guest speaker today. Doubtless, you know the feeling when your favourite English professor waxed poetic about love and death in Shakespeare or an exemplary social leader addresses a gathering upon receiving an award.

If you are looking to book guest speakers for an upcoming event in the UK, here are some helpful tips.

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#1 Pick and Choose Your Person Wisely

It is sadly commonplace for event coordinators to hire speakers based on convenience or the fact that they are notable in some way. It might be exciting, but not prudent or rewarding, to invite a famous football player to speak at an artistic convention or a classical musician to talk at a chef’s conference. You want the audience to listen to them with interest, not out of attraction, hype, or obligation—Research the individual’s specialist topics before contacting them. You can avoid the embarrassment and unpleasantness of cancelling their speech or appearance due to their incompatibility with the audience or unfamiliarity with the event’s theme.

#2 Plan the Event Meticulously

Booking a celebrity speaker is only one part of the job. You need to ascertain the time slot of their speech and the duration, assemble liaisons and a hospitality committee if it is an onsite event, make the necessary technical and technological arrangements if it is a digital event, and think on your feet in case something goes amiss and you need to reschedule or cancel.

#3 Understand Different Types of Speeches

Because a platform to book speakers lists someone, they may not be available for or interested in the event you have planned. Do your due diligence and look up the difference between guest presentations, keynote speeches, panel discussions, emceeing, and more.

#4 Determine Your Budget

No one’s stopping you from reaching for the stars. But when reaching out to stars, you should ensure it will not cost you the sun and the moon, a dozen purebred stallions, and gold bullion to book them. Some platforms eliminate the intermediary, allowing you to communicate directly with the celebrity speaker. Celebrities are hard-pressed for time, so it’s better to be straightforward about what you are willing to pay. If they state rates you cannot shell out, you may close the discussion sans obligations. You may negotiate if the guest speakers rate is within a reasonable range, but if there is a vast difference between your budget and their rates, it would be best to move on to someone else. While it might have been wonderful to have the person around to inspire people and converse with them, you must understand that they will be highly selective about where they make their appearances because they have umpteen demands on their schedule. They will most likely only accept if it is financially or personally rewarding. There are a lot of fish in the sea.

Wrapping Up

Booking a guest speaker need not intimidate you. With the right proposal, planning, and approach, you will certainly find success.