Hugging Face Raised $40m in a Series B Round led by Addition

Founded in 2016 with offices in Paris and New Hugging York, Hugging Face is a machine learning startup that has grown quickly. It has a stacked board of investors, including Lux Capital, A.Capital and Betaworks. It recently raised a $40m Series B round led by Addition.

Creating the GitHub of machine learning

Hugging Face is building the GitHub of machine learning, allowing developers to create and discover ML models, datasets and ML apps. The company also offers hosted services such as the Inference API, which allows you to use thousands of ML models via a programming interface.

Its most impressive product is its open source library for natural language processing (NLP) technologies, aptly named Transformers. The GitHub project isn’t as shiny as its namesake, but it has won the hearts of ML geeks for its ability to classify, extract and generate text.

The biggest draw of all is its community-driven platform, where you can find the best ML models for a given task, along with curated data sets. The GitHub site is also the best place to see what the most successful ML companies are up to, such as Amazon SageMaker and Google DeepMind’s AlphaCode, so you can get your hands on their coolest models before anyone else digitalpinas.

A look at the company’s most notable products

The biggest innovation at Hugging Face is its Transformers library, which has been downloaded over a million times. It’s a big ol’ library that can be used to build any type of NLP model you can imagine, from text classification and information extraction to summarization and text generation. The company has been a good steward of the OpenNLP initiative by making it easy to find and use the most popular ML models on the platform, which has benefited its growing client base of over 10,000 companies Result.