Personal injury lawyer – What are the qualifications they must possess?

An attorney is someone who has good knowledge of the laws and can assist you in filing a lawsuit or facing one. There are different types of attorneys such as criminal defense attorneys, divorce attorneys, workers’ compensation attorneys and more. And similarly, one such category of lawyers is personal injury attorneys who are people holding strong knowledge about personal injury laws and can help you get through a personal injury case smoothly. But what are the qualifications of a ‘personal injury lawyer near me’ and how to identify the right one? Well, here is a guide:

Degree from a reputed law school

The first and foremost criterion for any person to qualify as an attorney let alone a personal injury lawyer is to graduate from a reputed law school. Irrespective of the grade they received, an injury attorney is someone who holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor Law degree.

Knowledge and skills

Just graduating won’t make an attorney a good personal injury lawyer who qualifies to handle personal injury lawsuits. They should have a good hold over personal injury laws and must be well versed in their skill set of dealing with such cases.


Experience holds a strong position when it comes to defining the qualifications of a lawyer. As it is obvious that you would prefer hiring an attorney with 10 years of experience than someone who is a fresher with just 2 years of practice. Thus, an attorney will be considered a good and qualified personal injury lawyer if they have years of experience minishortner .

Practice Field

A person who has handled personal injury cases will only be able to assist you in all the ups and downs of the case. There may be various outcomes of a lawsuit and someone who has tackled such cases in the past for a long time can turn the course of the case in your favor with the right tactics and methods.

You’ll find many injury attorneys, some on the internet, some via your family and friends and some through a reputed law firm. And, selecting the one that can offer you the best service is quite challenging. You’ll like some quality traits of one attorney and some of the other. However, if you look for some simple criteria, this task will become easy for you. Thus, before you hire an attorney, communicate with them as much as possible because hiring the wrong one can lead to financial and mental strain.