Polywork 13m Andreessen Horowitzkennedy

This collection of interwoven, overlapping fabric and strawbales is beautiful! It’s a great way to create a space that’s also artful and unique. This is an organza 13m long x 13m wide and it’s made from ripstop, renewable, organic cotton. The fabric is interwoven into a grid, so there’s no need to separate sections or items. The structure of the fabric makes it easy to work with, even if you have a little experience with weaving. You can create a large area with some individual elements — even if you are working with very tight spaces, this can be done! A Simple 11m Yarn Yard Basket This knitting basket is simple but effective. It has only one item: yarn! If you already have some knitting needles, this will give you something that’s not only useful but also fun! (And for those who like to knit, this would be perfect for anyone.) Here’s how it works: You first shape each section into more than one chain (three 11-inch rings) using the knitting needles as cross-seam Shank rnds, then knit them together to make your basket. Each corner has its own needle and loop of yarn so you can use every stitch without losing count. As I said at the top of the post, this basket doesn’t have any useful item beyond itself — but it does look really simple

A Simple 6-Part Yarn Basket

This is the complete opposite of the yarn basket I mentioned above. Instead of just one item, you have a series of five separate items — plus a yarn ball! This is the most useful and decorative aspect of this basket. If you already have a few skeins of yarn in your possession, this will give you something that’s both useful and beautiful. Furthermore, there’s nothing necessary or interesting about spinning or weaving the yarn into the canvas. You can simply use the yarn ball to create a final product that would look great hung on a wall or table instead of a basket.

## A Simple Fabric Yard Basket

This is the most common and easiest yarn basket available to us — and the one I’ve used the most. It’s made from a deep, luxurious, 100% tweed fabric that’s super soft and easy to make. Every part of this fabric is part of a single weave. If you’re just getting started with weaving, this can be another easy project that’s both fun and easy. The only thing you need to do is cut the fabric into strips, weave them together into a circle, and then weave the circle itself into the yarn. This is the only project in this collection that requires a very steady hand — but is also one that doesn’t require a lot of skill.

## A DIY Yarn Basket

This is the other project I’ve used the most. It’s made from a beautiful, dark, cashmere yarn. It’s soft, drapey, and has a great length for a throw or calender piece. It’s the perfect size to throw in the wash and hang in the laundry room. It’s also super easy to make — you just add the yarn, weave it into a circle, and then hang it up to dry. This is the perfect project for new users of different skill levels.

## 3-Part Yarn Basket

This is the third and final project in this collection — and it’s also the most versatile. This is a covered wooden canvas with four sections. The center section has a seat for one or two people — depending on your space and how you want it to look. The two side sections have two pockets for storage and hanging. The two sections on either side of the seat have their own loops of yarn to add additional functionality — making this the perfect throw for a gathering or a wedding.

## Simple Frame for a Something-for-Everyone Yarn Basket

This is the only project in this collection that doesn’t require any weaving. It’s made from a metal square that can be reused over and over again. It’s designed to be used as a stand-in for a table or a wall hanging. There are no tools required for this project — so you can make it whatever size or shape you want. It would also be perfect for a wedding or a project that requires lots of space.

## Covered Canvas for a Beautiful, Functional, and Relaxing Homey Space

This is the other project in this collection that’s both functional and beautiful. It’s made from a 100% cotton canvas that’s super soft and easy to make. There are no plaits to weave or patterns to look out for — so you can create a design that aples with your space and character. The only thing you need to do is cut the canvas in pieces, arrange them by category, and then add a few vertical threads to create a decorative border. This is the perfect project for creating an upscale, homey space that’s both functional and personal.

## Conclusion

If you’re looking for a great way to use up some of those exhausted, colorful, and kooky yarns in your collection, this is it. It’s made from sustainably farmed, renewable, cotton, and is able to be mixed in with other fabrics in your room with ease. It’s easy to make, and once you have the hang of it, you can create a space where everything is oversized, unique, and beautiful. So whether you’re looking for a fun, creative project for your workplace or for a ultra-party atmosphere, this is the one for you.