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There are many ways to watch new movies online for free. These include sites like PopcornFlix, AMC Theatres on Demand, Crunchyroll, and Viewster. You can also go to your local cable provider and ask them to offer you a subscription to these services.


PopcornFlix is a free video streaming service that lets you stream full-length movies in over 60 countries. You can use the site on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. There are apps for iPhone, Android, and Kindle devices.

While there are many free streaming services to choose from, PopcornFlix is unique in that it is not entirely ad-supported. Rather, it relies on ads to make money off of its content.

PopcornFlix is also unique in that it has a wide variety of content. This includes free movie streaming and TV shows. It even has some original programming. The site features recognizable actors and actresses.


One of the easiest ways to watch new movies for free on the web is to visit a site that offers an enormous catalogue of free content. Some websites even allow you to download the movie for viewing later. However, not all sites provide such services.

If you’re looking for a website that offers a hefty amount of free content, 123Movies is one of the best places to start. The site features a comprehensive list of recent releases, as well as reviews of all the available movies. It is also easy to navigate and offers a no-interrupt performance.

Another website that is similar to 123Movies is PrimeWire. This site has a distinctive user interface, which focuses on usability. Although the website’s content isn’t as vast as that of 123Movies, it features an impressive array of search choices.


If you are an anime fan, then Crunchyroll is the perfect place to watch new movies for free. Crunchyroll is an online anime streaming service that features hundreds of titles. You can stream on mobile devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Apple TV and Roku.

To sign up for a free account, visit the Crunchyroll website. Create your account using your email and password. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to view a brief synopsis of the content you’re currently watching, change the language of the subtitles and access a “new page” featuring fresh content.

While Crunchyroll is primarily an anime streaming platform, it also offers other Asian media such as manga, live action dramas and films. In addition, it has a large library of anime TV shows, including recent releases.

AMC Theatres On Demand

If you love movies but don’t have the time or money to see them in the theater, you can watch them online. AMC Theatres on Demand is a streaming service that offers new releases and blockbusters. It’s not a subscription-based service like Netflix, though.

In order to access the AMC Theatres on Demand service, you need to sign up for the AMC Stubs loyalty program. The program allows users to earn points that can be redeemed for in-theater rewards. You can also purchase digital films and watch them online.

AMC Theatres on Demand offers a library of more than 2,000 titles, including recent and classic films from Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and other major Hollywood studios. The service’s catalog is similar to that of iTunes and Vudu.

Tubi TV

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use the Tubi app to cast movies and TV shows to your television. The application is available for Apple, Android and Samsung smart TVs. It offers users the ability to see recommended titles based on their viewing habits.

Tubi is a free streaming service. You can add it to your plan if you are a Comcast Xfinity X1 user. However, Tubi’s catalog is limited to the US and Canada. This is because the service is ad-supported.

To get started, download the Tubi app from the Google Play or App Store. Once downloaded, you can set up your account and browse through the list of movies and TV shows. When you have found something you want to watch, you can put it in a queue and stream it.


If you are looking for a way to watch new movies for free, you may want to check out Viewster. Viewster is a free online video service that offers a wide selection of films, TV shows, and anime.

Viewster has an impressive collection of new movies. The website features a variety of movie categories including independent productions, kids movies, and anime. It also offers a channel section.

You can download the app for Android or iOS devices. Once you have downloaded the app, you can watch your favorite movies instantly. But before you do, be sure to have an internet connection. Also, be sure to use a VPN to encrypt your connection.